The official app of the Jewish Museum

Fully accessible!

Integrates audio guide, storytelling, tactile and LIS/IS tours, virtual tour, and glossary of Jewish terms.

Let us guide you to discover the Synagogue, the wonderful Museum of Lights, the prestigious Silver Museum, and all the rooms and collections in the Museum.

The app lets you find locations, book tours, and purchase tickets when you are not at the museum.

Once inside the museum, the app offers four itineraries:

  • GUIDE TO THE MUSEUM: a guide to the exhibition spaces of the museum complex
  • STORY EXPERIENCE: an interactive audio guide
  • TOUCH EXPERIENCE: a tour with audio-video descriptions in Italian and English integrated with the tactile panels along the route
  • LIS/IS EXPERIENCE: a tour with video guides in Italian Sign Language (LIS) and International Sign Language (IS)

The app is rich in content and can be used before or after a visit to learn about the history and culture of the Jews of Casale Monferrato. View the virtual tour with 360-degree images of the museum or consult the glossary to remember the words of Jewish tradition and culture.

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