Casale Monferrato is the heart of Monferrato, a charming hilly region of Piedmont, famous for its picturesque landscapes, lush vineyards, and ancient villages. For centuries, it was its capital, under the Palaeologians and then the Gonzagas, before being annexed to the Savoy domains in 1708. In the folds of this evolution of identity, in the intangible and material culture it has produced, lies the Jewish culture of the area, with its local dialects, wines, and culinary recipes characterized by typical ingredients and flavors.

Monferrato Unesco

A place where history, art, architecture, craftsmanship and traditions coexist immersed in a wonderful landscape.


The Jewish identity of the smallest city in Italy. Small group of houses on the slopes of a Monferrato hill.


The Jewish community of Casale Monferrato manages three cemeteries, two of which are in the city and one in Moncalvo.

The APpaM dialect

The Piedmontese Jewish dialect spoken in the Jewish communities of Asti, Fossano and Moncalvo.

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