Elio Carmi


0,4 x 48 x 0,4 cm

Satin finish steel
Acquafer di Albiati Gianmario & C. snc Balzola (Alessandria)

The artwork features a minimalist design and expresses “essentiality”, to convey the message that it is not the form that defines the value of the Hanukkah festival, but it is the light that defines its value. The interlocking parts are kept in place by the candle, which, when inserted at the center becomes the “node” that makes the whole piece solid. The candles, and therefore the light, are the compositional element that unites the various parts and makes the structure stable. Designed to be easily mass-produced, it is made of stainless steel and consists of a milled bar housing nine stainless steel interlocking modules. The shamash is easily identified since it was galvanized with a treatment that creates a bronze surface (yellow metal).

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