Antonio Ari Colombo

Profumo di Luce

31 x 35 x 13 cm

Cedar, cypress, olive and white maple woods

Wood expresses the artist’s primordial call to nature and the deep roots of the Mediterranean culture, the cradle of humanity and of his identity. The woods chosen for this project are cedar (base), cypress (column), olive tree (arch), olive tree and white maple (shamash). The shape of the base of the hanukkiah recalls a headrest, a source of restorative rest and epiphanies evoked by light. Light is intended as a guide through the darkness of sleep, but also as extraordinary consciousness accompanying the self and the becoming. The shamash is gold, a colour associated with the presence of light and brightness, and which, in this case, assumes an empowering and supportive function towards who is, and undertakes to be, guardian of the Light.

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