Mirco Marchelli

Di luce naturale

30 x 27 x 34 cm

Candles, wood, paper, tempera and wax

The lamp consists of a main element in the shape of a temple, the actual hanukkiah, to which the artist has added a smaller element (16 x 20 x 25 m) made of the same materials, entitled Mirror of Lights The Temple is iconic, in the classical, Greek style, it restores a symbolic imagery of the artist’s personal sacred, with the flavour of a dreamlike archaeology White, an off-white, lived-in, marked by time, ready to welcome the colour – like life – that appears fragmented on the back wall, as if struck by rays of light “broken” into rainbow colours by a prism: reflected confetti, reverberations of the light that enters the temple, animating it. The lamp is thus composed of two sculptures in dialogue: the temple and a kind of dreidel (spinning top), which acts as its mirror, in terms of shape and use of colours, or as a prism that transforms the colour.

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