A great collective work of art

In the early 1990s, Elio Carmi, Emanuele Luzzati and Antonio Recalcati, talking about art, thought interesting to promote and to stimulate an artistic development in Jewish field. At the time, the Community of Casale Monferrato had some silver Hanukkah lamps made by Elio Carmi, and artists Emanuele Luzzati Luzzati and Antonio Recalcati were creating two ceramic works, interpreting the ritual object, to be given to the Community: thus, the idea of promoting promoting a collection of contemporary art chanukkiot produced by Jewish and non-Jewish artists was born.From this original concept has blossomed an ever-expanding collection in which artists come together sharing a universal vision of spirituality, light and the desire to exist and give it form through the project of the candelabra. Taking the Jewish history as a starting point, each artist reflects on the intimate and personal value of the concept of identity and its meaning in the contemporary world, obtaining an object of extraordinary use and symbolic value, transforming it poetically.

To date, the collection has exceeded 250 units and has begun a travelling tradition, with important exhibitions in Italy and abroad.