Aldo Mondino

Jugend Stilo

86,5 x 97 x 47 cm

Wrought iron, BIC ballpoint pens, ceramic plate and wooden spinning top
Laboratorio Giovanni Tamburelli, Saluggia

This lamp is called Jugend Stilo, reflecting the artist’s typical use of puns (“stilo” is Italian for “stylus”). It consists of an elegant wavy Jugend-style wrought iron structure. Starting from the bottom, it features a series of curves and bulges culminating in decorative swirls that bear the candle holders. Bunches of empty BIC ballpoint pens (98 in all) are suspended from each candle holder. A higher number of pens hangs from the right of the lamp and from the top, where the shamash candle is placed. On the base is a sevivon, contained in a decorated ceramic bowl.

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