Peter Assmann


39,5 x 49,5 x 2,5 cm

Graphite, wire on paper

On the wall, are bodies of small human beings, all the same, and all different, stylized, and genderless, drawn in pencil while some larger ones are made with metal wire. These lamp-human beings have arms made of fire, and they dance. They involve other human beings in their dance and turn into fractals, becoming part of a whole that shapes into a candelabra. Above, there is the writing LEUCHT(ER)SCHRIFTEN, a play on words in German that superimposes the word “candlesticks” – whose literal translation could be “illuminating” or “made of light” – to the word “writing” as if to say that the candlestick tells a story, illuminates words, narratives, while at the same time combining the act of drawing with that of the artist’s handwriting on the paper, thus eliminating the difference between writing and drawing.

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