Vittorio Pavoncello

Hannukkiah del confine

21 x 24,5 x 5,5 cm

White ceramics with red marking
Paolelli ceramiche – Roma

The shape of the hanukkiah is a wall, a boundary, broken by the pressure of hands that open it to let the light go through. During the execution of the artwork, the pressure of the fingers penetrates the still-soft clay wall, breaks through the wall, and creates four vents to house the lights. A red line flows down from one side. The wall, pushed by the hands, is slightly twisted and bent. Thus, a boundary separating two entities becomes, at the same time, a point of contact: 4 lights are housed on one side of the wall and 4 on the other. The number eight, resulting from the sum of the two sides, represents their union and creates the possibility of a hanukkiah.

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