Gea Casolaro

Chanukkia albero della conoscenza del bene e del male

49 x Ø 62 cm circa

Iron wire, nine glass cylindrical candle holders, eight green candles, one red candle and a written text
Handmade by
Luca e Gea Casolaro

A tree-shaped Hanukkah lamp made of braided iron wires. The glass candle holders containing green candles are located in the specific spaces created by the interweaving branches. The red candle – the shamash – represents the apple and should be placed on the lower branch in relation to the green candles representing the leaves. The lamp is completed by a page describing the author’s motivations for choosing such a shape, framed, invites the viewer to reflect on the pluralistic, dialogical, and relational aspects of the cognitive process. The title confirms the reference to the Tree of Knowledge and the ability of human beings to discern good and evil through their relationship with others. Luca Casolaro, brother of the artist, collaborated in the construction of the lamp, making dualism a fundamental part of the creative process.

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