Francesco Bassignani

53 x 29 x 36 cm

Fused glass with aluminium inserts as lamp holders
Laboratorio Darra Raffaele fusioni in vetro – Cavriana (MN)

This artwork was conceived, designed, and produced as a testimony to the populations that faced challenges and tribulations. The work consists of a horizontal and a vertical section. The vertical section is a composition in fused glass where the parts in blue represent the local area and are meant to transmit a feeling of peace and relaxation, albeit amidst some difficulties and challenges. The horizontal base, white in colour, symbolizes the détente of the people. The lights, which refer to Hanukkah (aluminium bases with lights), depict the people’s presence, the residents’ protection, and constant control, in the light of brotherhood and peace. The shamash is represented by the blue candle, placed in a prominent position.

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