Claudio Baroni


66 x Ø 44 cm

Multi-layer plywood and bronze

The hanukkiah consists of a wooden case containing all the pieces necessary to assemble a lamp; when put together, the interlocking pieces form a shape designed following a plastic logical- mathematical process. The arms that symbolize the eight days of the miracle of light, progressively increase in size, both in footprint and elevation by 24 millimeters, recalling the hours of each day and creating a form by following a time sequence, with the shamash at the center. Easy to assemble (just follow the leaflet attached to the case), the Ludichanukkah can also be assembled by a child, and it is to them that it is dedicated. Indeed, they are the future, and it is to them that the culture, values, traditions, and identity of a people will be handed down to preserve their historical memory.

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