Emanuela Serafino


dimensioni variabili. 9 tele 30 x 120 cm cad

Acrylics and ink, wooden box support

The artwork is enclosed and placed in an Italian ammunition container from the last war. Here, this object becomes a bearer of peace, and its activation/ignition makes the scrolls contained in it unfold, revealing their magnificence and dark harmony. The rolled canvases are numbered from one to eight with Hebrew characters and the unfolding of each roll marks the passing of the eight days. The figures/children depicted on the canvases state with their transparency and fragility their will not to fade, not to be forgotten. In the shamash, placed at the center, the number is replaced by the artist’s ideogram. Being the bearer of light and hope, it shines like gold, symbolizing enlightenment, and endurance/resilience.

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