Clarice Zdansky

Dwellings of Light

50 x 50 x 20 cm

Metal sheet base, terracotta
Laboratori Clarice Zdanski (Milano), Fornace Curti (Milano), Francesco Conforti (Vigevano)

Nine terracotta cylinders rest on a metal sheet base. In the seminars taught by the artist in Umbria, she created with her students some small towers with arched openings, inspired by the round bell tower of Città di Castello. The towers are like dwellings of light, of our soul, and our voice. They recall Psalm 17:29, very dear to the author: Quoniam tu illumines lucernam meam Domine: illumina tenebras meas. [Thou also shalt light my candle: O Lord, my G-d, make my darkness to be light.]. In this hanukkiah, the artist arranged the towers as a small village of humble abodes. The lights form a candelabra celebrating the freedom of Hanukkah.

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