Antonio Barbato

“La mia casa sarà chiamata casa di preghiera per tutte le genti”

24 x 48 x 12,4 cm

Reclaimed oak, bamboo canes, aluminium

The artist presents a sort of readymade, supplementing nature through the act of recycling. The oak base was recovered from the waste material discarded during restoration work at the Jewish cemetery at Moncalvo. It supports eight arms, one for each Hanukkah light, and a taller arm for the shamash. Verticality is created by the use of sections of cane, which have been cut to the required length. The containers that hold the candles are made from aluminium cans – these too taken from a rubbish dump – painted with the same colour. Only the holder that serves as the shamash is different. It is painted sky blue and cut in such a way that, bent outwards, it resembles the Star of David.

Other lights from the collection