Enrico Camontelli

Terra aria

70 x 50 cm

Bronze, brass, anticorodal alloy, and steel wires

The sculpture is mobile and aerial. The double pyramid with a triangular base represents the sky and the earth, which at their meeting point create the 6-pointed star. It was born from the idea of the meeting of matter and spirit, symbolizing humankind and G-d. The piece consists of a bronze rod meant to emphasize the concept of lightness that assumes a material appearance and fluctuates between a circle (air) and a square (earth), both made of acid-etched anticorodal alloy. The attendant light (shamash) is made of bronze and burns pure olive oil, according to tradition, and is placed at the top of the artwork, on the circle representing the spirit. The other eight candles, also in bronze and wax, are placed on the square at the base of the sculpture. Everything vibrates, rotates, and mesmerizes.

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